Mindways Software, Inc.

Who we are

We are an industry-leading technology innovator in quantitative analysis of CT images for both clinical and research applications. Our current product line builds on expertise gained from over twenty years in the bone densitometry business. Today, Mindways' 4th generation QCT Pro system is the market-leader in CT bone densitometry across a world-wide customer base ranging from small rural hospitals and imaging centers to major universities and militaries.

Our mission

Mindways strives to increase the accessibility and applicability of quantitative CT technology, particularly in determination of tissue density, structure, and type. We maintain an active research and development program to design innovative new products and services. Our research activities range from quantitative utilization of dual-energy CT and improvements in bone densitometry to analysis of other anatomical regions and opportunistic/incidental screening programs.

Our history

Incorporated in 1997, Mindways' can trace its origins to the groundbreaking work at UCSF in the late 1970s leading to the development of the Cann & Genant QCT calibration standard in the early 80's. Today, our systems are based around the 4th generation, solid version of the calibration phantoms that use this standard.

Since its inception, Mindways has been a pioneer in the industry. We were the first to develop a fully volumetric 3D Spine QCT system in 1997 and we introduced the first fully functional CTXA hip system for QCT bone mineral density measurement at the proximal femur in 2001. We were also the first in the market with a QCT system that could connect to and support the storage and viewing of QCT BMD reports on PACS infrastructure.

Mindways' investigational use research tools, including the Bone Investigational toolkit and the Tissue Composition Module, were developed for researchers who need more detail than a simple bone density value. Measures such as cortical thickness in the femoral neck and interstitial fat quantification are made possible by these tools.

In more recent years, Mindways has developed asynchronous calibration technology, allowing quantitative analysis of scans acquired without a calibration phantom present. This technology has opened the door to incidental and opportunistic quantification of bone density in research and clinical environments alike.

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