Brochures and Whitepapers

Mindways QCT—Bone Densitometry Applications

A summary of clinical and research applications of QCT Pro™.

CliniQCT—BMD measurement from CT scans without a phantom.

An overview of the CliniQCTQCT method for separate scanning of phantom and patients.

Mindways Phantoms for demanding clinical and research applications

Calibration phantoms for imaging with patients when measurement precision is critical.

CliniQCT calibration phantom.

Calibration phantoms imaged separately from the patient for ease of workflow and dual use of CT images.

Patient's Brochure

A patient's guide to QCT bone density testing.

Radiology Manager's Brochure

Cost-effective bone densitometry service with your CT scanner.

Physician's Brochure

An overview of the QCT exam, report and reimbursement of QCT as well as an overview of QCT�s precision and the key differences between it and DXA.

CT-BIT Brochure

The Mindways CT Bone Investigational Toolkit (CT-BIT) extends our QCT Pro software to produce accurate BMD analysis beyond the regions of the spine and hip.