Support for DXA-Based Bone Health Programs

Mindways CliniQCT can identify CT patients who might benefit from a follow-up reimbursable DXA exam.

CliniQCT can analyze any qualifying CT scan for indications of low bone density. This process does not take any time on your CT scanner and does not expose the patient to any additional radiation dose.

If evidence of low BMD is found, a radiologist can recommend a follow-up DXA. The potential to analyze most CT scans* performed at your facility for possible referral improves patient health by detecting problems early, while leading to greater utilization of your DXA equipment and resultant increased revenue.

Learn more about analysis of existing CT scans and our CliniQCT product:

Analysis of Existing CT Scans


*Pelvic CT required for hip analysis. Abdomen CT without IV contrast required for spine analysis.