QCT Pro combines the analysis modules common across the Mindways bone density range with traditional patient-on-phantom calibration. This calibration system provides the best results in situations where patient body composition varies, or patients are followed for long periods. Ideal applications for QCT Pro include research, bariatrics, oncology, and longitudinal studies, including pharmaceutical trials.

QCT Pro can analyze both the spine and hip in one quick, insurance-reimbursable exam*. The Model 3 calibration phantom underneath the patient is held in a set of foam pads, while gel-filled bolus bags minimize image artifacts and maximize patient comfort. A separate QA phantom is used for monthly quality assurance scans.


The process is simple: perform a standard abdomen CT scan capturing the lumbar spine and hip, send the image series to QCT Pro via the integrated DICOM server, perform a 2-3 minute analysis in the CTXA Hip and Volumetric Spine modules, and then print the report or send it to PACS with the standard PACS export module.


Total time including both scanning and analysis is typically ten to fifteen minutes, and QCT Pro can be installed on an existing PC in the CT control room, minimizing additional space requirements and costs.


QCT Pro is an affordable solution for applications needing the absolute best precision and long-term reproducibility. Try the Financial Calculator or contact us for a quote to see how QCT Pro can fit your budget.

*Check with your provider regarding conditions for coverage.