Online Resources

If you are receiving an error message, see our Frequently Asked Questions. We have solutions for situations ranging from matching QA data errors to no license found for CT scanner.

The Training page includes downloadable user guides. If you need information about software installation/configuration, patient scanning, or the analysis process, start here.

The Practice and Guidelines page has information for clinical practitioners regarding the intended use of our products, the interpretation of results and links to relevant practice guidelines published by third parties.

Live Support

Mindways staff are available for phone, email or remote connection technical support 8am-5pm Central Time, M-F. Use the online Contact form, or call or email us directly:

Mindways Technical Support
Tel.: +1 (512) 912-0871
Office hours: 8am-5pm Central, M-F

Support Agreement

Mindways Support Agreements charge a flat annual fee for unlimited phone, email or remote connection (if available) technical support. With the coverage offered by this agreement, you can contact us for help with anything from a quick question to QCT software installation and training. Contact Us for current pricing.

Note: Support is available without an agreement, subject to a service charge.