Dual Use: Analysis of Existing CT Scans

Mindways CliniQCT supports analysis of qualifying CT scans acquired for another reason. Because a phantom does not have to be imaged with the patient, the only requirements for analysis are that the scan covers an appropriate anatomical region and is free of contraindications*. This capability provides valuable information for clinicians and researchers alike, while applying no additional radiation dose to the patient.


In the United States, 245 CT scans are performed per 1000 people per year.** What if patients prescribed a CT scan for another reason could simultaneously receive a bone density screening with no additional radiation dose? With CliniQCT, this is both technically and financially possible.

If the analysis detects possible low bone density, the patient may benefit from a follow-up dedicated BMD test with either QCT or DXA. The patient benefits from early detection, while the increased referred patient load on primary screening systems covers the cost of the initial analysis.

Want to increase patient load on your DXA? We can help: Support for DXA-based bone health programs

To learn more about the technical specifics of CliniQCT, click here.


If you already have or you plan to acquire CT images of your cohort, you can measure bone density from qualifying scans. Grant money is tight and patient time limited, so dispense with additional scanning and use CliniQCT. Read more about CliniQCT and how Mindways supports research:

CliniQCT or Research

*IV contrast agent is contraindicated for use with CliniQCT.
**OECD https://data.oecd.org/healthcare/computed-tomography-ct-exams.htm