Bone Density Solutions

Quantiative Computed Tomography, or QCT, allows determination of bone density from CT images. With Mindways' FDA-cleared CliniQCT, QCT Pro, and BIT product lines, you can add hip and spine bone density testing to your existing CT scanner.

How It Works:

QCT calculates bone density from standard CT images combined with calibration data from a CT calibration phantom. Images are acquired, transferred to the QCT workstation, and analyzed. For patients and technologists alike, the QCT exam feels much like a normal abdominal CT scan.

The analysis software is fast and simple to use and communicates directly with your CT scanner and PACS for easy transfer of images and reports.

Mindways offers three QCT bone density solutions to fit a wide range of applications:


Designed for ease of use in a clinical environment. No phantom is required under the patient because calibration data is derived from monthly QA scans. Learn More


Traditional patient on phantom calibration for extremely good long-term precision and patient body-specific calibration compensation. Learn More


Designed for research applications. QCT Pro + choice of calibration system + available investigational tools. Learn More about BIT or see how Mindways supports Research.

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